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.            ..ACCESSIBLE AND AFFORDABLE YOGA                                                  The Signing rooms, hitchin
              Mon 9.45am, 11am & 7pm.  &  weds 7pm



I have created OM Yoga, based in and around the beautiful town of Hitchin, to help pass on the gift of yoga and its incredible benefits to others.

Each week I teach five classes in the heart of Hitchin, (see YOGA page link for details, above right) in a gorgeous friendly studio, including Beginner's sessions or Vinyasa Flow for those returning to yoga. My classes are accessible for everyone, currently we have yogis from 18 to 76 years old, its a lovely welcoming friendly environment.  Classes vary from relaxing slow flow, to more strenuous sessions. In our practice its not about how far you can fold, its about how you feel at the end of Savasana! (the closing phase).


Yoga stills the mind and can bring peace and clarity. It is a way of life, teaching us that even though something in our lives that we face may be very challenging, we can find peace in that space..on and off the mat. In our modern, sometimes hectic, day to day living, we can spend much of our time with our bodies tensed without even knowing it. When we come to stillness we often find for example that we are holding our shoulders hunched up, even if a little.

Yoga encourages us to think about our posture and how we 'hold our bodies', creates space within when we stretch or open up and releases tension. The gentle exercising and massaging of our joints and muscles, leaving us feeling centred and calm.

For an hour we can let go and not think about anything else other than our breath and focus on what we are doing.

It is wonderful for self expression and also for helping to process difficult emotions if need be.

This synchronicity of mind focus, breath and body acts as a moving meditation, breathing life and oxygen into us, our whole body and mind are nourished. It is as though through yoga we can fully blossom.


I trained as a Yoga Teacher with CamYoga where I achieved my YTT 200 Hrs Teacher Training, and currently I'm studying for my Advanced Teacher Training 500 Hours qualification, with SIDDHI YOGA in India. I'm so excited to share this authentic practice with you!

 Now recognised by the NHS, yoga's benefits to mental and physical health are endless. Having practised now for over 13 years I also have achieved many training qualifications in Yoga for Anxiety, Yoga for Empaths, and also a  Diploma in Mindfulness. 

I also love teaching children and young people and have taught yoga to pupils in 'Feeling Good Week' at school.


All that is needed is you, as mats and supporting blocks and straps are all provided. Presently I teach five weekly classes, (see YOGA page above) suitable for beginners, or returning yogis who love to strengthen and flow. Or, you may wish to practice with me in a private 1-1 tailored to what you would like in my lovely yoga space, OM Studio, in the heart of Hitchin.

For every human being life has its inevitable duality of ups and downs. I have always experienced periods of generalised anxiety, had post natal anxiety, and post traumatic stress after the tragic sudden loss of my partner aged just 40. 

These life-changing experiences, painful and unforgettable, have shaped who I am; yoga was and is my solid support, so I wish to help pass on the gift of yoga to others.



I'm passionate about providing affordable, accessible (and non intimidating) yoga to people. Classes are really friendly, something so important in yoga, every body is unique and different, and it is a misconception that yoga is about flexibility. I have always suffered from lower back pain, I have had a frozen shoulder (well, two!) which really helped me to adapt yoga for certain injuries. I offer a holistic practice for new yogis or yogis with health conditions. Fundamentally though, yoga is far far more than a physical pose, it is a way of life. Bringing stillness to the mind, and huge opportunity for self expression and expansion, it is an offering to ourselves, a beautiful ritual steeped in Indian history almost 5,000 years old. In our modern world where things don't seem to stop, yoga offers us as human beings an ancient Indian philosophy that can bring us;

"evenness of mind, detachment from the dualities of pain and pleasure, success and failure....required if one is to act in freedom, rather than merely react to events compelled by conditioning".           The Bhagavad Gita, Eknath Easwaran

I can't wait to practice yoga with you, and hope to see you very soon!

                    Becca x

Meditating Outdoors
Yoga on Deck
"Becca's yoga is so calming and relaxing, it is the best feeling after a stressful day".

Natalie Webb and Nicola White (pictured in Om Yoga Studio)

Image by Jacalyn Beales

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To enquire about class times, or availability,

please contact me on

07861 226882

or type and send your message below, thank you.

Becca x


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